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Jetstream Standard Ballpoint Pen 0.38mm

Jetstream Standard Ballpoint Pen 0.38mm


  • Manufacturer: Uni
  • Available ink color(s): black, blue, red
  • Body Material: plastic
  • Pen type: Standard Ballpoint, Retractable
  • Refillable ink: yes
  • Pen point tip size: 0.38mm
  • Price: $6.80/set of 3
  • [BUY]


This is my “go-to” pen, I use it every single day when I’m writing in my notebook or bullet journaling. As a standard ballpoint pen, it writes smoothly with no skips on most paper surfaces. This pen has a fine point tip of 0.38mm, which works great for me. Since my writing is a mess when I’m brainstorming. The thin lines really helps with the readability after.


It comes in the essential red, blue and black ink colors. I bought the set which comes with all 3 colors, but you can also choose to buy them separately. I don’t think they come in any other colors at the moment. Since it comes in red, blue and black ink, I do think it is meant as a note-taking, everyday pen. Instead of a pen for decorating or for arts and crafts.

My most used color would have to be the black ink. With the way I write notes, I would highlight important information and underline using highlighters. So I find myself hardly using the red. In my bullet journal, I use a lot of highlighters as you can probably tell from the picture and this pen is perfect for that. I can write in the notebook and use the highlighter right over it and there would be no smears. Which is a different story if you use the Pilot HI-TEC-C maica and highlighters for bullet journaling. There is a trick though to avoid smearing which I will mention in the Pilot HI-TEC-C maica pens post.



They advertise the Jetstream as perfect for left-handed writers because of the quick-drying ink which prevents smearing. While I do agree the ink /prevents/ smearing, it is not perfect. I am right-handed and I still get smears while writing from time to time. So I decided to test the ink out, I outlined a square, filled it in and ran my hand across it after letting the ink sit for x amount of seconds. The paper I used was the recycled paper from MUJI. Based on this experiment (which might be hard to tell from the photos). It seems like letting the ink sit for at least 3 seconds is the safest to avoid smearing.

They also provide pen jackets if you want to change the exterior look of the pen and refills are sold separately as well.


The Uni Jetstream line has a range of pen point tip sizes. But I would not recommend the Jetstream 0.7mm or above (1.0mm). Anything higher than the 0.5mm point and I find that it does not have the same quality as the Jetstream 0.38mm/0.5mm pens. I had a Jetstream 0.7mm and found the lines to be too thick. The ink was runny and smudged too easily (for me).

I can’t really comment on the holding comfort because I always end up getting red marks on my hands when I use any type of pen or pencil. Can’t really say if its because the way I hold the pen or the amount of pressure I use when I write. Either way, the grip does not seem too comfortable, but it does have a nice rubber grip.



Overall, I really do like this pen for daily use and use it all the time when I am writing notes or brainstorming ideas. There are occasional smears due to the ink not drying. But not too often and the ink writes smoothly in all my notebooks and paper so far. What are some of your favorite everyday pens?

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