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Mead Notebook Cambridge Edition

Mead Notebook Cambridge Edition


  • Ruling: College ruled
  • Paper amount: 80 Sheets
  • Price: $8.99
  • Binding: Wirebound
  • Size: A5/5-7/8” x 8-1/4” (14.9cm x 20.9cm)

I had been in need of a new journal for a while, something to just write daily events in. My favorite journal to date has been the I Can’t Sleep Inner Truth Journal by Knock Knock. It was just a fun journal. I liked the quotes and colors even though it was quite bulky at 7 x 9.5 inches.

Another previous journal that I tried using was a Northbooks notebook. But found it was not ideal for journaling (at least for me). The notebook itself is a quality notebook, which I will probably do a review on in the future. But the pages didn’t lay flat so it was hard for me to write in. This bothered me since I couldn’t use the full page and my pen would be uneven while I wrote.

For journaling, the paper quality is not as important to me. But the binding should allow the pages to lay flat so I can write from edge to edge. A bonus if it looks pretty, but everything else is optional for me. This is one of those journals I just want to write in and forget.

Finding the Journal


One day at Target, I found this notebook while walking around the stationery aisle. What caught my eye was the gold embossed letters and color combination (white, gold and mint). The cover material had this slightly cheap leathery feel to it (I do not know the exact material). It was white, which I didn’t really like because I know it’ll get dirty – fast. But the gold embossing was a nice touch and also matched the spiral binding on the notebook.


So I picked it up and flipped through the pages. To my surprise, every page had the months and dates printed on top of the page. The spiral binding allowed each page to lay flat and it had fine ruled pages. I thought this would be perfect for journaling and decided to give it a try.

After several months of use, I think it is a great notebook for writing daily thoughts in. The notebook was probably not used for journaling. Since the look itself seems very academic. Meant for taking notes. But the months and dates at the top of each page made it perfect for me for the purpose of journaling. I love that I can easily circle the month and date and start writing.

The white cover didn’t really get dirty. The spiral binding is still intact, although 1-2 rings are slightly bent. I was worried that the stickers on the product would be hard to peel. Or I would end up with marks on the cover because of the stickers. But relieved to find that they were easily peeled off (and this was after 1 year).

Final Thoughts


I would definitely recommend this notebook for the purpose of keeping a daily journal. The months and dates at the top of every page make it really easy to keep track of the dates for each journal entry.

Recently (November 2016), I found that Target now carries a few different covers for this line of notebooks. Besides Target, I have not been able to find a proper link to a reputable online store that sells them. I also cannot find this on the Target website for some reason.

What kind of notebook do you guys use for journaling?

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