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February 2017

Ballpoint Pen, Stationery

Uni Jetstream Pen 0.5mm (8 color set)

I received this set of Uni Jetstream color ballpoint 0.5mm pens as a gift during the holidays and I couldn’t wait to try them out! I wrote a review on the Uni Jetstream Standard Ballpoint Pen 0.38mm a while back saying it was one of my “go-to” pens. But they came in the standard: blue, black and red colors and I wasn’t aware of them coming in any other colors. So I was really surprised to see these pens and hoped that it was as good as the other Uni Jetstream pens.

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Journal, Notebook, Stationery

The Happiness Planner: Peony Planner

I decided to give the Happiness Planner a try this year to test out different planners in the hopes of finding or creating the ultimate planner. Last year, things got really busy during the holidays and I found that I didn’t even have time to create the pages in my bullet journal. Also, my friend had given me a Midori Notebook Diary 2017 as a present (the ones where you can scrapbook your week – like a travel journal). I loved it but that took up a lot of time to fill in the days and doodle or paste in ticket stubs and clippings from my daily adventures.

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Daiso Animal Print Stationery Sets

My friend recently came to visit from Canada and they don’t have a Daiso store there (Daiso is a Japanese “dollar-store”, items mainly cost $1.50 with some items costing between $3-$10). So I brought her to a few of the Daiso stores we had in the area. To be honest, the notebooks they carry do not have good quality papers. But the store does have a lot of stationery products and I ended up finding some of these cute message card envelope sets that I thought were useful.

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