Daiso Animal Print Stationery Sets

My friend recently came to visit from Canada and they don’t have a Daiso store there (Daiso is a Japanese “dollar-store”, items mainly cost $1.50 with some items costing between $3-$10). So I brought her to a few of the Daiso stores we had in the area. To be honest, the notebooks they carry do not have good quality papers. But the store does have a lot of stationery products and I ended up finding some of these cute message card envelope sets that I thought were useful.

Message Card Envelope Sets

There were 2 types of message card envelope sets that I bought. The panda and cat sets came with 5 envelopes and 5 message cards. I thought they were really nice for sending handwritten thank you cards. I’m planning to include them in my handmade jewelry packages and the envelope is the perfect size for adding a business card.

Stationery Letter Sets

The other panda, cat and hedgehog sets came with 6 envelopes, 12 letter papers, and 1 sticker sheet. I think they would be great as an alternative to cards. I didn’t realize it at first, but the envelopes were clear, and they had the text “Animal Party” across all of them. Personally, I would probably put a sticker that covers the text on the envelope. Or a white label and write the name of the person I’m sending the card to. Since there are 12 letter papers, you could use at least 2 per envelope and the stickers are great to use as a way to seal the envelope.

Animal Print Envelopes

They also had these envelopes, with no message card or letter paper. The envelopes themselves are the perfect size for business cards. They are slightly longer in length than the previous sets. But the width of the envelopes are about the same. It would be easy to cut card-stock paper to the size of the envelope if you needed to write a message. I would probably use these as packaging for gifts.

For the sets with the message cards and envelopes, and the ones with just the envelopes. One thing I couldn’t tell until I opened the packages, is that these sets had a strong “recycled paper” smell. So I would recommend opening the packages and letting them air out. Possibly use odor absorbing spray or some sort of perfume and let it sit on your desk. The sets with the letter papers, envelopes and stickers did not have any odd odors.

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