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The Happiness Planner: Peony Planner

I decided to give the Happiness Planner a try this year to test out different planners in the hopes of finding or creating the ultimate planner. Last year, things got really busy during the holidays and I found that I didn’t even have time to create the pages in my bullet journal. Also, my friend had given me a Midori Notebook Diary 2017 as a present (the ones where you can scrapbook your week – like a travel journal). I loved it but that took up a lot of time to fill in the days and doodle or paste in ticket stubs and clippings from my daily adventures.

The Happiness Planner vs. Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling has been trending lately and a lot of people use this technique. It’s less rigid and you can try different layouts to figure out what works for you. What I really liked about bullet journaling was the habit tracker (pictured) and collections (such as: list of books to read in 2017). Using the bullet journal also taught me what kind of layout I liked because at the end I mostly stuck with the layout that had daily tasks separate from daily project tasks (pictured below).

Planner Daily Layout

However, setting up the bullet journal is a ongoing process and I found that I didn’t have time every week (or month) to decorate it with inspirational quotes and pretty doodles like the ones pictured online. This is where the Happiness Planner comes in, its set up with pre-filled inspirational quotes on every page. The one I got was also dated and had boxes set up for daily tasks. The first few pages also helps you reflect on your personal and professional goals, what makes you happy, unhappy and help you plan for the upcoming year (in my case, 2017).

The Peony Planner

The Happiness Planner I purchased was the Peony Planner (dated), which I thought was really pricy for the quality. The planner cover is nice, it almost looks like a clutch that you can carry your things in and I like the color scheme of black and rose-gold. The planner also came with a rose-gold colored pen, some paper clips, a few divider pages and pretty stickers.


(info taken from their website)


  • 1 gold or rose-gold pen
  • 3 small gold or rose-gold paper clips
  • Packaged in a box with gold-foiled logo

  • Planner: 172.5 x 237 x 60mm
  • Ring Diameter: 30mm
  • Ring Spacing: 15mm between each and 65 mm middle gap / 0.59″ and 2.56″
  • Paper size: 210 x 140mm

  • Made from high-quality Saffiano faux leather
  • Classic smooth, lustrous lining interior
  • Magnetic closure
  • Gold or rose-gold binder
    Included Components:

  • Elastic pen loop
  • 6 ring binder
  • 3 internal slots/pockets
  • 5 Sticker sheets

What I liked about it, after using it for a month or so, was how it was already set up with the dates, daily task list, and of course the inspirational quotes. I also liked the layout of the pages, very clean lines that separated the sections. But I have a love and hate relationship with the text (“Today I’m excited about”, “Good things about today”) and some of the quotes. But I do understand that this is a “Happiness Planner” so the wording is very positive and wants you to find happiness in everyday.

What I didn’t like about it was the actual quality of the Happiness Planner. The paper itself was very thin, I used mildliners to highlight the monthly calendar and it would be visible on the next page. And when I used my Tombow pen for calligraphy writing, it bled right through to the next page.

While the cover does look very nice, the pages do not lay flat. I had to open the binder rings and take the pages out to fill it in. Then put the pages back and close the binder rings. Also, when I close the planner, the top and bottom pages get stuck. This causes the pages to bend and become uneven (pictured below).

They do have the original Happiness Planner which is a spiral bound hardcover instead of the leather one. I assume it is also more compact with no need to remove pages just to write on them. Personally, I might not be buying this again for next year because I know I like more project/goal focused kind of planners. But that’s just me and it will work for people who like the daily positive notes! I’m going to keep searching or create a planner that works for me. It’s still early in the year, so I might be writing an update to this later on. Has anyone used the hardcover Happiness Planner, what did you think of it? What kind of planner do you guys use? Has anyone found a good goal oriented planner? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

The Happiness Planner: Peony Planner (dated)
Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Notebook dotted

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