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Tombow Dual Brush Pens – Portrait Palette

I’ve always read good reviews on the Tombow dual brush pens so I wanted to try them for lettering, drawing and coloring. The full set is 96 colors, but I decided to buy one or two packs to try them out first.


  • Set of 9 colors and 1 blender pen, with flexible brush tip and fine tip in one marker
  • Durable nylon brush tip can create fine, medium or bold strokes
  • Fine tip gives consistent lines
  • Included colorless blender pen softens and blends colors, creating a watercolor effect
  • The water-based ink is non-toxic, blend able, non-bleeding, and odorless
  • Tips self-clean after blending
  • Ideal for professional fine art and crafts

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

If you were just planning to buy Tombow dual brush pens for lettering, the colors in this pack are probably not ideal. Half of the colors do not show well on paper if you were just using it for writing a few words. But for coloring and drawing portraits, the colors are pretty decent. You could sketch portraits easily using the colors provided or blend colors together to create the colors you need for portraits.


One other thing to note is that the paper you use is important if you are planning to blend the colors directly on the paper. I had tested these on a normal MUJI notebook (recycled paper) and it did not blend very well. The paper started to peel off because there was too much ink on the paper when I was blending. Otherwise, it is fairly easy to blend on a separate plastic material and then use either the blending brush pen (N00) or another brush pen to pick up the color and transfer on paper. The brush pens themselves self-cleans as you write so it will not ruin the color of the brush pens if you use them directly for transfer.

Tombow Blending Palette

Tombow sells this blending palette which is essentially useless. I would not recommend buying it because anything with a plastic surface pretty much works for blending the brush pens. I used a section on my plastic paint palette for blending but you can use any plastic surface, like a ziplock bag.

Final Thoughts

The quality of these brush pens are great. I do not have a lot of brush pens since I have a watercolor palette and Pentel brush that I use to practice lettering. But these brush pens are easier to control and easier to keep the upstroke line thin for a newbie like me.

Although I found that the colors from the portrait pack is not ideal for lettering. They are still good colors for accenting, drawing and coloring. I’m definitely looking forward to trying them out for drawing and testing them further to get greater use out of these brush pens.

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