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MUJI Smooth Writing Gel Pen 0.5mm

MUJI is a Japanese retail store that sells household items and probably most well known for their stationery section. I always end up buying several stationery items every time I visit.

MUJI Smooth Writing Gel Pens

They sell these pens individually in the store I go to, which I sometimes pick one up at a time when I go to MUJI. So this set of MUJI Smooth Writing Gel Pens is not the full collection, but probably my favorite colors from them so far (I use the brown colored pen the most).

They are easy to write with and have a clip at the top so you can add it to your notebook or notepad. While they are easy to write with, the ink is pretty fluid and doesn’t dry as fast as the SARASA dry pens so it is easy to smudge. However, I did notice that some pens were more inky and prone to smudging than others. So the consistency is hard to tell, it could be that I was using the brown colored pen more than the others. So the ballpoint was more worn out?

Overall, I think they are pretty good pens, probably not the best if you are worried about your writing smudging. I use it mostly for rough notes and journaling. But for good notes in notebooks I tend to still use a SARASA dry pen and these pens as highlighting information. Which I found works pretty well.

I think I am definitely going to complete this collection of pens someday but for now I find myself using the brown and green MUJI pens the most out of the colors I have.

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MUJI Smooth Writing Gel Pen 0.5mm
MUJI Recycled Paper Ring Dot Notebook A5

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