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Eslite Bookstore 誠品書店

Calling this place a bookstore is an understatement. The Eslite bookstore in Taipei is unlike any other bookstore that I’ve seen in North America (such as: Chapters Indigo, Barnes & Nobles).

Xinyi District Eslite Bookstore 誠品書店

There are 5 floors dedicated to the bookstore and on each floor, has surrounding stores that sell clothes, jewelry, food, furniture, and also has coffee shops to lounge in.

The 2nd floor (which is the first floor that the bookstore starts) are the bestsellers and has some stationery, popular books and magazines. They have such a wide variety of Moleskine notebooks. Mostly special editions or collaborations.

The 5th floor is where you want to go for stationery and believe me they have a lot of unique stationery. From Japan, Paris, North America, Taiwan and more. Look at the amount of masking tapes they have in this little section:

This bookstore is favored towards tourists, the stationery are high quality and items are higher priced. Also, they sell Taiwan souvenirs on almost every floor. But the bookstore really does have unique stationery that you probably would not find anywhere else. Such as these LIFE Noble x Eslite Notebooks:

They are pricy (compared to other brands) to start off with. On Amazon, the A5 plain sheets are around $12.38. At Eslite bookstore, they sell it for $13, less than a dollar more. However, the black cover which is a LIFE Noble x Eslite collaboration costs about $22 and it is a smaller size (B5). Again, this is probably a limited edition and can only be found in this bookstore kind of deal.

All kinds of Mnemosyne notebooks

Popular brands for pens and pencils (SARASA, Pilot, Pentel)

Wax stamping sets on display

I definitely suggest to check out the Eslite bookstore if you ever visit the Xinyi District in Taipei. The pricing of books and stationery are on the higher side but for the experience and finding some unique stationery. It is definitely worth a visit.


Eastern District , Da’an
No.245, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, 敦化南路一段245號, Da’an District, 台北市 106, Taiwan
Phone number
02 27755977

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