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Guan Nan Big Mart (光南大批發)

The Guan Nan Big Mart is hands down my favorite stationery store so far in Taipei, Taiwan. Although they sell more than just stationery, and there are 3 floors. The first floor of this wholesale market is the electronics section. It has a little bit of everything: multimedia (CD, DVD), radio, watches, flashlight, keyboard, mouse, etc.

The second floor is the stationery section. And the third floor is makeup and snacks.

Image taken from Yelp!

Even though they only have one floor of stationery. Their stationery section has so many different brands of pens, pencils and other stationery items. A whole section for different notebooks and DIY notebooks where you can customize your own notebook: buy the cover, spine and paper type separately.

They sell stickers and washi-tapes that you can use for journaling and crafts.

I bought so many different pens from the place over the course of the trip.

I’ve compared the prices of SARASA Clip pens from Tien Chiao Shih Books (墊腳石), which is another stationery/bookstore and they are $3 NTD more each than the SARASA Clip pens from Guan Nan Big Mart. They have mostly the same selection of stationery, except Guan Nan Big Mart has a DIY notebook section and Tien Chiao Shih Books has a bigger ready-made notebook selection.

For the SARASA Clip pens, they had a promotion going on, for every SARASA Clip pen you buy they give you a correction tape. Needlessly to say, I now have several (at least 10) of these correction tapes…

The notebook and paper section has every kind of paper you need. Except, since these are fairly cheap. Most of the notebooks and paper are not ink friendly. They hold up well against ink pens but not the ink from fountain pens.

I mostly use gel pens so I didn’t mind but just as a warning for those that regularly write with fountain pens. The paper section at Guan Nan Big Mart is probably not ideal for fountain pens.

I loved this stationery store so much that I went back to buy more each time throughout my trip to Taipei. So I highly recommend the Guan Nan Big Mart (光南大批發) if you are in the area and you want to stock up on stationery.


No. 40, Xuchang Street
Zhongzheng District, 台北市 100
Boai Special District, Taipei Main Station, Zhongzheng

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