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Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen

I know that the prices and quality of fountain pens vary ranging from cheap ($5), average ($25) to very expensive (hundreds). But I didn’t want to splurge on a fountain pen until I really liked using one. For years, I’d just admire people’s writing using fountain pens on Instagram and blogs. One of the most popular fountain pens I’ve seen around is the Lamy ($25-$60).

So during one of my stationery hauls in Taiwan, I found these. The Platinum preppy fountain pen, they were relatively cheap for $3-5 USD. You could buy refills ($1 for a pack of 2 cartridges) and it came in many different colors. So I bought the small size (0.3mm) in purple, black, red and medium size (0.5mm) in blue.

After using them, I quickly found out that I had been spoiled by my 0.4mm ink pens. I was not used to writing with the 0.5mm blue fountain pen because of the thickness of the letters on paper. The 0.3mm purple fountain pen was slightly better since it was thinner.

But I did like how smoothly they wrote, the nib was not scratchy at all, and the ink flow seemed good. Testing on normal paper, there is minimal bleeding and you can make out the impression on the back. I find that you just can’t hesitate when you are writing, otherwise the ink will run and bleed through the paper. Although, maybe this is one of the characteristics of all fountain pens?

Overall, I liked writing with the Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens. They are a nice introduction to the world of fountain pens. The only thing I’m not used to is the thickness of the writing, even though the nib is only 0.3mm. And I am currently unsure about how long the ink cartridges lasts for. I’ve also read that the Platinum Preppy fountain pens can be converted to eye dropper pens, where you fill the whole pen with ink without using the cartridge.

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