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Pilot Juice Metallic Gel Ink Pens

Pilot Juice Metallic Gel (Set)


  • Water-based pigment gel ink
  • Ballpoint pen
  • 0.5mm point
  • 6 metallic color set
  • Brand: Pilot
  • Price: 9.00 USD for the set

Over the holidays, I visited my parents back home and went to this old stationery shop that I used to frequent when I was growing up.

I don’t have any pens that are metallic colors because I always had a bad experience buying them growing up. First, they were low quality, and second, I never used them much because they didn’t write well and ended up going bad (the gel and ink separated in the barrel – anyone else ever had this happen?). But I do like the metallic colors and the idea of decorating a hand-written card or a journal with it.
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