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Jetstream Standard Ballpoint Pen 0.38mm

Jetstream Standard Ballpoint Pen 0.38mm


  • Manufacturer: Uni
  • Available ink color(s): black, blue, red
  • Body Material: plastic
  • Pen type: Standard Ballpoint, Retractable
  • Refillable ink: yes
  • Pen point tip size: 0.38mm
  • Price: $6.80/set of 3
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This is my “go-to” pen, I use it every single day when I’m writing in my notebook or bullet journaling. As a standard ballpoint pen, it writes smoothly with no skips on most paper surfaces. This pen has a fine point tip of 0.38mm, which works great for me. Since my writing is a mess when I’m brainstorming. The thin lines really helps with the readability after.

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